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Chef Frank Coloma was born in Wurzburg, Germany and grew up in a military family, often moving throughout his childhood until his Father retired and their family settled in Hawaii.  After high school, Frank followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted in the Army, serving 5 years, which included a deployment to Iraq (OIF) in 2003. While Frank’s time in the service was meaningful, leaving it was difficult, especially after separating from his comrades during wartime.


Frank described his assimilation back into civilian life to be challenging.  He wasn’t sure where he belonged - he missed the structure, purpose and camaraderie of military life.  The first few years felt like navigating through a maze that ultimately led to the same place he started, until he discovered that cooking was something he could immerse himself in, and more importantly, something he genuinely enjoyed.  With encouragement from his wife, Frank eventually sought out culinary school and graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute at Le Cordon Bleu. This was the beginning of a therapeutic process for Frank as a veteran of the armed forces.  Cooking became his lifeline.  


Frank formally began his cooking career in 2007. The years that followed validated for Frank that the culinary industry is where he belonged.  Having the opportunity to work alongside some of the finest Chefs in the valley inspired him. He thrived working under pressure, being held accountable for his work and gained the camaraderie, structure and purpose he was seeking since leaving the Army.  Realizing he could effectively share his love for cooking with others was a bonus, and his skills as a Chef Instructor was repeatedly met with recognition.


His experience includes fine dining at various resorts, gourmet catering for private clients and culinary instruction for Maricopa Community Colleges.  Chef Frank was also a Resident Chef for Sur La Table for 5-years and became a regular guest chef on AZ Sonoran Living LIVE. In recent years, he has received accolades as a two-time Teacher of the Year, one for Glendale Union and the other for the AZ Family and Consumer Sciences Education. 



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